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Beware of Illegal Educational Institutions, HEC warns

Not so long ago HEC banned four universities that did not meet the standard defined by the commission. These universities were Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology (PIMSAT) in Karachi, Global Institute in Lahore, Imperial College of Business Studies in Lahore and Al-Khair University in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Now yesterday HEC tweeted ‘Beware of Illegal University Campuses / Institutions See List of Recognized Institutions @ .’

Now we need to understand here that there are a number of educational institutions that are operative in Pakistan illegally. They are not approved by HEC and we should ensure that the institutions in which we send our sons/daughters are legal.

This applies to all universities/campuses that have not taken HEC approval for certain programs also those that do not have certification taken from regulatory and registration bodies like Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), and those that have sub-campuses of their university unapproved by HEC.

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A complete list of institutions approved by HEC is available on its website.

Here is the link

It is extremely important that if you are looking to apply in a certain institution, make sure that you check from HEC website whether the campus or institutions exist or it’s just illegal.

Your degree from an unauthorized institution will not be valid. So take some time and don’t be foolish enough to land yourself in an illegal campus/institution.