Beware: Etihad Group of Companies Fraud is hiring people from Pakistan

A fake and scam company in Dubai, Etihad Group of Companies, is sending fake job offer letters to the people of Pakistan, India, and other Asian counties through an email.

The company sends offer letters to the people who don’t even applied for any job. Through the job offer letter, the company offers handsome amount as a salary as well as many other facilities through an email and ask the email receiver to click the link below to ‘accept job proposal’.

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After clicking the link, your browser will redirect you to the company’s website ( for further process. Your dashboard will be created on the website through which you will be asked to upload your personal documents such as; passport, images, and other personal data.

When you successfully upload your images and passport images, you will be issued a job offer letter as a contract which you will have to upload after the signature.

When you successfully upload your contract after your signature, it will ask you to upload a medical certificate—which is mandatory to work in gulf countries. You will be directed to obtain a medical certificate from Agha Khan Research Center, Shaukat Khanum Labs, or Rahila Research & Reference Lab (Pvt) Ltd—which is apparently established by the company [Etihad Group of Companies]. You will be asked for Rs9000 for the medical clearance.

A man claimed that he has been directed to upload a medical certificate. After sometimes, he received a confirmation email which indicates that the medical report has been successfully received, although he didn’t submitted any medical report to the company.

Several people claimed that after the medical report, they were directed by the company to submit an amount of Rs50,000 or Rs60,000 for the Visa process. After submitting money to the bank accounts of the company, some of them didn’t get any response or reply from the company anymore, and some of them have been issued a visit Visa to Dubai and left them in Dubai on their own.

As per the details gathered from the people, they are using the logo of Etihad Airways on the medical report issued by the Rahila Research & Reference Lab.

The company is also using a fake P.O. Box number of its website which is originally address of SAM GLOBAL FZE.

When you check the credibility of the website ( on scamadviser, it shows you “Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe To Use” and the domain has been registered 293 days ago.

There is page on Facebook called “Etihad Group Fraud” which shares too much material against this fake company. People are also sharing their experience regarding the company in the comments section of the page’s posts.

We also would like to ask you to stay away from these types of scams, and do not click any link you received through an email or WhatsApp messages and also don’t share your personal detail such as: phone number, email address, or residential address with anyone on the internet.

This is the only way to be safe on the internet in today’s world.

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