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Best Websites To Order Food Online In Pakistan

Online food ordering in Pakistan is much easier now, you can choose from the list of restaurants available and make your food order online using the following websites and apps.

Pakistan is the place where people love eating and dining out, but due to some constraints the sector is not much developed in the past couple of decades but this sector is getting better and even better since 2000.

After the IT development the restaurant sector has now more potential to grow, websites and apps let them spread across cities and country to promote their products and services.

So hungry now???? Let’s order online

1 Food Panda

Food Panda is the most popular website in the country, you can choose from various restaurants, Fast food, Desi, Chinese and Others from the list that are available for delivery in your chosen city. You can also download Food Panda app on your mobile phone and order online while on the go.


Playstore:       Download App

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2 Super Meal is another good website along with mobile app to order food online in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad and Peshawar. You can also find day deals on the home page while ordering online. It’s good to first have a look at deals then browse your desired food items.

 Super Meal also have android mobile app that you can download from Play store


Play store: Download App

3 EatOye

The third important website was Eat Oye but recently Eat Oye has started services with Food Panda and they are collaborating in providing services, Eat Oye services are being provided through Food Panda Platform.


When you will open their site you will be redirected to their page on Food Panda.

Informative Sites and Apps

After Food ordering websites and apps there are some websites that are even more useful in providing information about the food and travel in Pakistan.

4 Toss Down is a global website covering the information about Food and Restaurants in many countries Like Canada, UK, UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The website has a list of restaurants categorized according to food type, pricing, area, rating and deals for each city. You will like this website’s information for sure, you can also download app here.


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