Best Retirement Investment Plans in Pakistan

After serving for 40, 50 long years, you get retired. And then you realize that the world, to whom you gave your decades, now finds you useless and unfit in the society. Every door you knock has an excuse. In a sophisticated worldly language you are informed that ‘Sorry Sir, we prefer young blood’ or ‘We don’t hire individuals above 60’.

So what investment plans are you left with? Before going forward and discussing your options, it is pertinent to mention here that you should start working on the retirement plan before you actually get retired. It is important that one is prepared for the worst and only then these options mentioned below are feasible.


In Pakistan, people prefer a government job especially to enjoy Pension after retirement. It is the easiest investment option after retirement.

It is important that one stays on the government job long enough to then retire and relish the perks. This option, though is not for every employer, since in corporate sector workers don’t have this benefit no matter how hard they work.

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Real Estate:
One can easily invest in Real Estate to ensure that after retirement it is a safe investment option.  It is important that you purchase some property before retirement and then sell it after retirement if need be. There is always a risk in buying property as you never know whether the prices will go up or down with time, but it’s a calculated risk one must make.


In Pakistan teaching is the most reliable and easiest option after retirement. There are many retired officers who become lecturers and professors post-retirement. Universities usually accommodate retired educated individuals in their visiting faculty. Some are lucky enough to become part of permanent faculty after their retirement.

Family Business:

If you have a family business, there is no retirement for you, unless you chose it. Moreover the strong family ties still part of Pakistani society enable a son/daughter to work alongside their parents to take ahead the family business.

Entrepreneurship & Startup:

Is it too late to work on a new idea? Are you too old for it? But who said that? You have years of experience, you have gained knowledge with every passing day, your mind is full of information, why not use it then? Why do we feel that once we are retired, we should now patiently wait for death, as our time is over?

It’s not over, till it is over. So before that use everything you have learned while you served and make use of it. Become an entrepreneur.

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