Best Debit Cards Offered By Leading Banks in Pakistan

These are the Best Debit Cards in Pakistan Offered By Leading Banks in Pakistan

Standard Chartered is one of the leading debits cards in Pakistan which also allow you to make smooth international debit card transactions, you can use the debit card anywhere in Pakistan as well as abroad and online internationally, however, you might come across problems in paying online to international merchants, but 70% of the time the card works globally.

Bank Alfalah offers the debit card by the name of Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card. It is a definitive card that provides access to the account from anywhere in Pakistan. The issuance fee is Rs 675. The rewards earned 0.25 orbits on Rs. 50. The daily limit is 50,000.

HBL is another bank that gives a debit card which provides an easy access to your funds along with additional features. The issuance fee for this is Rs 1000. It is a Mastercard that will give up to 25 percent discount at the restaurants and retail outlets. It has a daily limit of 50000 as well.

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MCB Gold Plus Visa Debit Card is an internationally renowned card giving you convivence and access to the funds. The issuance fee is 1000 and the card payment network is Visa. One will get cash back Rs. 250.

Faysal Pocketmate VISA Gold Debit Card offers global reach. The issuance fee is 900 rupees. It will give twenty percent discount on dining and lifestyle.

Allied EZCash Prepaid Card will support your daily financial activities. The issuance fee will be 500. The payment network is PayPak. Unfortunately, there are no rewards available currently.

HBL UnionPay Debit Card is a UnionPay card that is designed to offer you with lower charges with great convivence. It has the issuance fee of Rs. 850. It will give 25% discount at restaurants as well as on retail outlets.

UBL Visa Mega Wallet Debit card provides real-time convivence to the funds on issuance fee of Rs. 900. It has still no rewards available presently. The daily limit provided by this card is far more than any other card, that is Rs. 40,000.

MCB Silver VISA Debit Card has a low annual fee with cashless payment. It gives the daily limit of Rs 10,000 with no rewards currently.

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