Best 4G Mobile Network in Pakistan 2019

Earlier we tested various 4G networks in Pakistan in order to determine the network’s 4G speed back in 2017. At that time there were 3 major players in the market, Zong 4G, Warid LTE /4G and Telenor 4G. Jazz didn’t fully launched its 4G services, Jazz launched 4G services in Pakistan after June, 2017 when it got the 4G license to offer services to its customers. And now Jazz 4G and Warid 4G networks are merged into a single network.

Zong 4G ranked at number one previously in 2017 but Jazz now has surpassed the 4G speeds of Zong according to the data provided by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). PTA after conducting a consumer survey on the quality of services offered by Telecom companies in Pakistan confirms that Jazz tops the 4G speeds in Pakistan and allow users to use an average speed of 20.67 Mbps where the mobile network coverage is all the other factors are normal.

Zong is now the runner up in 4G network speeds in Pakistan but the best 4G network in Pakistan in terms of quality and speed in Jazz Mobilink.

Telenor, on the other hand, is just doing shadow boxing and claimed to be the Pakistan first 4.5G network, the company is just posturing without any trackable performance. The company according to the data, has only provided up to 6.23Mbps speeds on 4G network and Zong alone provides 6.35Mbps of average speed to its 3G subscribers.

Zong is the number one network in Pakistan when it comes to 3G network and services because it provides speeds up to 6.35Mbps while Jazz only provides 5.22Mbps on its 3G network. For this particular reason, Zong may also become favorable network when people move around from one city to another.

The Top 3 and Best 4G mobile Networks in Pakistan are;

1 Jazz/Warid 4G Network

2 Zong 4G Network

3 Telenor 4G Network

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  1. Jazz network is not good but v v bad as they throttle down speed for pre paid users even doing call is not possible I made complaint with jazz help line where i come to know that as i have subscribed for a package so speed has gone down, that is very shameful.

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