Best 3G Mobile Network In Pakistan: A Comparison Between Mobilink 3G, Telenor 3G And Ufone 3G

We have previously analyzed Best 4G Network in Pakistan based on the speed tests, and Zong proved to be the number one in the race. Now it’s time for Best 3G Network in Pakistan.

In this post you will see the difference between 3 selected networks, Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. These networks collectively cover huge or better to say almost entire 3G user base. It is important for new users to know which network is best for them if they are Cybernaut.

The following tests were taken from prime location in Islamabad during the day times, these tests may not reflect actual speeds and may vary if the location and time is changed.


Mobilink 3G network is considered the best in 3G services, you must have heard of it from different people, but we need evidence to prove this;

mobilink speed test

This test was taken from prime location in Islamabad and during the day. The test shows 5.23 MBPS of download speeds which sometimes can show fluctuations depending on the phone performance, location, reception and others. But at the heart Mobilink does a job in 3G services

Download Speed:   4 to 6 MBPS

Upload Speed:    0.4 to 1.2 MBPS



Telenor 3G network has achieved 2nd position, lot of users told us that Telenor 3G is good when it keeps running but on some occasions it gets slow and unresponsive for several minutes to hours. This is the main drawback in Telenor 3G rest is all set.

telenor speed test


Download Speed:   3 to 4 MBPS

Upload Speed:   1 to 2 MBPS


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Alas!!!! Ufone users are too loyal by the way, they keep complaining but they do not change their network for any reason. Please do not think that Ufone has failed in this competition rather it got 3rd position which is not easy at all in competitive examinations.

HERE COMES THE FUNNY PART: It looks like Ufone engineers have made a mistake, they have configured their up and down speeds inversely, look at 3.78 upload speed clearly indicates that.

ufone speed test


Download Speed:   0.50 to 1.20 MBPS

Upload Speed:   3 to 4 MBPS


Now decision is yours: Mobilink, Telenor Or Ufone

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