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Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, Claims Scientists

Bermuda Triangle mystery

The scientists of Britain claims to have solved the Bermuda Triangle mystery. The British oceanographers have finally concluded the decades-long mystery associated with the Bermuda Triangle and have concluded the factor that leads to the mysterious hundreds of thousands of disappearances in the region.

Bermuda Triangle is a 700,000 square meter triangle, which stretches between the Puerto Rico, tip of Florida and Bermuda. It has been the source of fascination since many years when the reports started appearing of a mysterious number of shipwrecks in the region.

As per the claims of The NewYork Times a minimum of fifty ships, more than thousand people and twenty aeroplanes have disappeared over the span of five hundred years.

The scientists from the University of Southampton informs that the ships sailing over or around the mystery triangle are being sucked into the ocean by the rogue waves—which are more than hundred feet in height. They explained their theory on the Bermuda Triangle Enigma on Channel 5 documentary.

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Dr Simon Boxall—an oceanographer who was heading the research told The Sun, that when the storms come together to the North and South, the waves have been measured to exceed the height of thirty metres. The bigger the size of the boat the more damage is done to it.

Rogue waves happen when an unusually huge wave crashes in the open sea. Normal waves have a breaking pressure of 8.5 pounds per square inch. The recent modern ships are designed in such way that they could tolerate twenty-one psi. the rogue waves could have breaking pressures of more than one hundred and forty psi—which is enough to even break the strongest of ships.

For filming the documentary Dr Boxall and his team artificially created the giant waves using indoor simulators and they constructed a model of the USS Cyclops to see the effect it would carry on the large ship. The Cyclops went lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the year 1918 with three hundred and nine people on board.

Dr Boxall said that if one could imagine rogue waves with high peaks on both ends of the ship then there is nothing below the shop, hence it breaks in two and could sink in just two to three minutes.

The latest disappearance in Bermuda Triangle was reported last year when a plane carrying four people went missing. The group was flying back to Florida from Puerto Rico when their plane disappeared from the radar.

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