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Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Missing Ship SS Cotopaxi found after 90 years?

A ship went missing in Bermuda Triangle 90 years ago in 1925. News recently came up that the ship SS Cotopaxi has reappeared in Cuba. But this is not the truth. Despite fake articles and hoax theories claiming that the ship has reappeared out of the blue, it has not been found.

In November 29th, 1925 SS Cotopaxi mysteriously disappeared in thin air as it went on a trip from South Carolina to Havana. It is believed that the ship carrying 30 members and a payload of coal was hit by a furious tropical storm. But over years many people have come up with different theories as to what happened with the ship. People have suggested that the ship got lost in Bermuda Triangle.

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Latest news claimed that SS Cotopaxi was found in North Atlantic Ocean after it got lost. As per a report on The Online Newsfeed, the ship was intercepted by the Cuban Coast Guard. First, the ship was seen on May 16th and then it reappeared in June.

The article said, “Three patrol boats intercepted the ship to get some answers. When they reach the ship, they were shocked to confirm that the unmanned ship is the SS Cotopaxi that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. As they dig for more answers, they saw a captain’s log book and said to be an authentic log book which contains all the information regarding the boat and crew that were there.

Adding, “The entries stop at December 1, 1925.”

The article said that further investigations will be done by the Cuban government. Now the authenticity of the article is questioned here as the exact same information was shared about a lost ship by The Readers File! in September 2017.

Before this, the same story appeared in Learning History in 2016 and Disclose TV in September 2015. World News Daily Report also published the same story in May 2015. This clearly indicates that the article by Online Newsfeed has loopholes.