Before the formal announcement of the iPhone 15, analysts believe Apple has cut production

Surprisingly enough, an analyst claims that the Cupertino-based tech firm is reducing the production of its upcoming iPhone 15 series. This information comes from the analyst, Jeff Pu. According to analysts, the company was set to build 83 million units of the iPhone 15 series before the year’s end; however, the company is now going for 77 million units for the said time. It amounts to a 7% decrease, though not a huge one.

You might be wondering what the reason behind this step is. The analyst claims that there could be two possible reasons for it. First and foremost, it is concerned with supply chain issues Although it has been three years since the pandemic, we are still impacted by its aftereffects. Supply chain issues have possibly impacted the iPhone 15’s mass production. Pu specifically refers to the new titanium frame for the pro models and the Sony camera sensors. The new, slimmer bezels on these Pro panels could be another problem for Apple.

Apple may have modified manufacturing in accordance with anticipated demand

Possibly, the reduced production is a reflection of demand concerns. Big companies like Apple need to consider demand before beginning mass production for an upcoming product, despite the fact that production needs to begin months earlier than the launch.

Some believe that the iPhone 15 could be a game-changer for Apple, while others don’t. Furthermore, some reports suggest that the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series could be more expensive than the ancestors. If this is true, then it will be the first price increase in the US since the iPhone X. An increased price could possibly impact sales and demand. In addition to this, iPhone sales revenue decreased in Q3 2023 from $40.67 billion to $39.67 billion. Although it is not a huge loss, it cannot be neglected.