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5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Pakistani Freelancer

Successful Pakistani Freelancer
Are you a freelancer?

Be your own boss, is a dream of many. And what best could you get when you work as an online freelancer? But do you know the secrets to becoming a successful Pakistani freelancer?

Where you’d get tons of tips to becoming a successful Pakistani freelancer, I’ve produced a short list to get you started, right away.

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5 Tips to Become a Successful Pakistani Freelancer

Get a Contract Done

Where freelancing usually doesn’t require a legal document to be arranged. It’s imperative that you must agree on grounds which have legal values and can be challenged in courts in the case of a dispute.

When you’re selling your freelancing services on platforms like Upwork.com, Freelancer.pk, and Fiverr.com, you don’t need a legal contract to be signed. This is done already by these freelancing websites.

When you sign up you agree (as a freelancer) that you will complete a job when provided. And will only charge when accepted by the client. The rest is done when you bid for a project.

These platforms act as mediators when a dispute occurs. But they still will not be able to resolve any issue leading to a dispute in full if the job provider doesn’t pay you for the job done.

Besides these platforms, there are many other places where you’d find online freelancing jobs in Pakistan. These platforms aren’t safe and can’t be relied upon without having a contract signed.

It’s your right to secure yourself and ask the job provider to sign a contract.

The sections you need when signing a contract include:

  • Name of the either parties (freelancer and the employer).
  • The job to be done (core steps involved, necessary requirements from the employer etc.).
  • Payment terms (how much is set as a milestone, the conditions of the due payment).
  • Right to terminate the contract from either party provided preset conditions/terms are met.

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Get a Down Payment

The freelancing websites allow you to request for a milestone. A milestone is a sum of money you’d request the employer to submit before the project initiates. This secures you in disputes and the mediators would release the deposited sum. But you might have to compromise on the payment not made by the employer.

This was the easy part. But if you’re working on unreliable sources, you have to request a down payment from the client before the project even start.

This payment would become a part of your contract.

What payment you should charge as a down payment, is a crucial thing for many. Many young freelancers don’t have an idea of this sum or either don’t ask for this or get an unfair percentage of the total sum.

The easy way to set a milestone is asking for a 25% up front from the client.

If the project requires a few months to complete, you’d also ask the client to break the payment in equal installments until the project in completed.

You’d also ask the client to pay bi-monthly or weekly. Whatever the terms you agree with the employer, must be carried down before the start of the project on a legal document.

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Say “No” When You Must

I am a website content writer. I specialize in few niches. And have skills in few type of writings. But if you ask me to write a technical paper, I would decline.

Likewise, if you ask me to write for medical conditions, I would say “no”.

You don’t have to be afraid of saying “no”. Accepting a job which you aren’t able to undertake could damage your repute. This is true for both online and offline freelancing jobs in Pakistan.

Before accepting a job, you must be very clear if you’d do a job or not. You must only accept jobs matching your skills and if you’d fulfill the prerequisites of the job. Otherwise, move on. There are more jobs for you.

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Focus on One or Two Skills

Where freelancing websites allow you to add many skills, it’s true that you can’t master all. If you’re working alone, focus only on those skills you’re good with. And don’t try to overdo.

Like I said earlier, I don’t master technical writing and I won’t take any such job. I mainly focus on blogging and that too in few niches.

If you do like to take on more projects, you’d build a team of freelancers and then focus on a wider array of skills.

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Show What You Have Done?

Using big words won’t get you freelance business. You have to share your portfolio with interested parties. If you’ve a blog, you’re already one step ahead. And if not, get one.

There are other networks as well where you can showcase your profile with successful projects done. LinkedIn is one of them.

Bonus: Become a write yourself. When you blog related to your skills, people would find you easily.

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Time to Jump in the Pool of Freelancers

Do you know that Pakistan stands at number three in the list of freelancing producing countries? A stat shows that in Pakistan around 7 million users call them as Pakistani freelancers. And this number is rising fast.

But the bad thing is; not all of them are directly involved with a client. Often there is someone between you and the real job provider. And that intermediator takes most of the part of your income. And you’re left with a small award.

If these mediators could score a client, then why can’t you? Remember – the first step is the hardest. People complain that they’re not good with business development. But, if you start trying today, you’d be bale to score clients yourself. And this would be the best thing ever.

Believe in your skills, keep on learning, and do share your freelancing experience with us so that we could help each other.

Best of luck!

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