BBC Top 100 Women Features Momina Mustehsan

BBC 100 Women is back with another season and it features the music sensation of Pakistan Momina Mustehsan. On BBC website Momina is described as a musician, an ambassador of a cricket team and a mathematician a quote is added which says “The quote that helped me the most with my life was: It only gets better when you get better. Would you believe I found this in the inside a New York takeaway fortune cookie when I was binge-eating my way through depression? That woke me up.”

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Along with the young and dynamic Pakistani singer, Pakistan’s acid-attack victim Resham Khan is also part of the top 100 women list. Currently, BBC has disclosed the name of 60 women, the rest 40 will be revealed by October.

For 2017 the women selected will be part of 100 Women Challenge, dealing with the biggest problems women are facing globally.

There will be four teams and women in the teams will tackle:

  1. The glass ceiling – #Teamlead
  2. Female illiteracy – #Teamread
  3. Street harassment – #Teamgo
  4. Sexism in sport – #Teamplay

The four challenges glass ceiling, female illiteracy, street harassment and sexism on sport will be conducted in San Francisco, Delhi, Nairobi and Rio respectively.

100 Women editor Fiona Crack says “In 2015, women hosted 150 debates in 10 languages and 30 countries, in 2016, people added 450 deserving but over-looked women to Wikipedia, and now in 2017 we’re taking it to a whole new level of participation. It’s going to be exciting but nerve-racking to see what these talented 100 will come up with and if they can pull it off in a month.”

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