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BBC Live News broadcasting affected by a technical fault

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BBC news was affected by a software technical glitch on Wednesday after that the broadcaster had to replace live broadcasts with recorded material.

The broadcaster BBC had to replace the Live TV programs with recorded material for about an hour on Wednesday, the News at Six and the News at Ten were also presented from BBC’s Millbank Studio instead of new Broadcasting house facility.

The glitch occurred into the system named “OpenMedia” which was rolled out to all BBC News outlets about six months ago. The supplier of the software “Annova” has been helping BBC to investigate the fault and its future prevention; however, engineers working on the issue believe that they have overcome the issue.

BBC’s Mark Easton tweeted that he had to rush to Millbank studio for presenting the live political program as the main BH has been down.

The issue was with the broadcasting system only and BBC website was all safe in that incident, from 15:00 BST to about one hour BBC World News and BBC News channel were unable to go live instead they were airing all recorded content on the live News Channels.

OpenMedia was a new system adopted by BBC in order to facilitate reporters and other staff for broadcasting, the system makes it easier for the staff to share scripts, running order and contacts, OpenMedia also promises to provide reliability and stability.

BBC has also faced problems employing new technology in the past, they had problems with robot-operated cameras which refused to stay centered on presenters.


Apart from technical errors, BBC has also made human errors in the past. While reporting the success of newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, the broadcaster mixed it up with fast bowler and cricketer Wasim Akram and showed the video of his bowling instead of Imran Khan, BBC later apologized for the mistake.