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BBC apologized for Imran Wasim mixed up blunder

Covering the story of Imran Khan’s success in general elections 2018 and showing electoral results, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) shown wrong footage of Pakistani left-arm fast bowler Wasim Akram, instead of Imran Khan’s. BBC apologized for the mistake it did soon after airing the wrong footage.

The BBC’s popular show “Newsnight” covered a short story on Imran Khan as the next likely prime minister of Pakistan. The story covered Imran Khan’s journey from national and international cricket hero to prominent political figure and finally heading towards the next prime minister of Pakistan.

But an error was made by the BBC, instead of showing Imran Khan’s bowling, BBC got hold on Wasim Akram’s video smashing the stumps of a batsman with his left-arm pace bowling.

The viewers picked up the mistake quite easily as cricket fans know very well who is bowling without watching the face, however, the program Newsnight apologized for the mistake and playing wrong footage on social media, immediately it was noticed by various viewers.

People commented on the footage in different ways, one said, “Wish you guys had posted some other right arm fast other than left arm fast Wasim Akram” well he was right, this way the footage might go unnoticed but left arm is easier to pick as everyone know Imran was the right arm, fast bowler.

One has commented, “Why it becomes bit-of-an-error when it has to do with a non-white background, just say it was a mistake or an error.”

However, Evan Davis at the end of the programme asked for a sincere apology and said, “We made a mistake in our opening tonight, the footage was of left-arm fast bowler Wasim Akram and not Imran Khan, “We don’t know yet how it happened, but sincere apologies for that.”