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BBC 100 Women of 2018 list features Pakistan’s Krishna Kumari Kohli

The BBC 100 Women of 2018 list features Pakistani politician Krishna Kumari Kohli. The BBC 100 Women list basically features the most inspirational and prominent women from all over the world. It includes women belonging from all walks of life, leaders, entertainers, businesswomen, educationists, entrepreneurs etc. Women included in this list are from over 60 nations and their age lies between 15 to 94.

About Krishna the list says, , “Krishna was elected to the Pakistan Senate after campaigning for women’s rights, having previously been forced into bonded labour for three years.”

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Krishna is a worker of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and she is the first senator from a scheduled case. She was born in 1979 in Nagarparkar that is a village in Tharparkar. To date, in this village the women are deprived of the basic rights. She had to fight against hunger, poverty for a better living standard. Also as her family was tied to bonded labor, she was also compelled to work on the lands of the landlords. So even though she faced a lot of hardships, her passion, and resilience allowed her to continue her education.

Krishna said,  “We didn’t have electricity so I used to study under the light of an oil lantern.”

Then Krishna got married when she was in 9th class. She said, “Fortunately my husband and in-laws were extremely supportive and encouraged me to continue my education.”

Then in 2013 Krishna got Master’s degree is Sociology from the University of Sindh. She has worked hard all her life against bonded labor, women rights and workplace sexual harassment.