Bats help generate $10 million in tourist revenue in Austin, Texas USA – Research Snipers

Bats help generate $10 million in tourist revenue in Austin, Texas USA

Austin the capital city of the state of Texas, USA is now the home of 1.5 million free-tail bats. The bats have a large colony developed over the decades underneath the downtown bridge in Austin.

However, the bats also live in some other surrounding areas as well other than the bridge. 20 years ago when the bats started building home underneath the downtown bridge here in Austin Texas, the residents were annoyed and wanted to get rid of them. The riverboatman captain Mike remembers the story very well, BBC reported.

“A fair amount of people are actually afraid of bats because think they might get “rabies problem” a virus that is spread to people with the saliva of infected animals or the bite of those infected animals,” said Mike.

Mike also said because of that, a group of people and local business leaders are lobbying the city council and finding the ways to exterminate their colony, just because they are afraid of them.

Mike loves them because he runs bat-watching cruises just below the bridge in the river and serves hundred thousands of customers with bat-watching cruises; he generates a good amount from the tourists visiting this site watching flocks of bats.

Mike says the word of mouth has been spread and this is becoming more and more popular, they are open for cruising 7 nights a week during the season which runs from March to October.

Bats do not only generate tourist revenue but also keeps Austin free from insects. Being an urban city and the city of lights, it attracts millions of insects and bats eat six tonnes of insects every night making it roughly 2000 tonnes a year. Because of the benefits Free-tail bats of the state capital, Austin are now protected.

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