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Basant Lovers Protest for Ban Lift

Basant lovers— (which let me tell you are many) staged their protest at the Charing Cross on Sunday—urging the government to permit peaceful Basant in Lahore.

Youngsters, students and even some elderly citizens belonging to different backgrounds, socio-economic classes recorded their protest against the government of Punjab for not permitting the Basant festival in the city of Lahore also the provincial capital of Punjab.

Shahid Mehmood of Sherakot said that people of Faisalabad enjoyed the kite-flying festival on Friday and the people of Lahore should also be granted the permission for the Basant related celebrations.

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Each year the Basant festival is celebrated for marking the start of the spring season.

The protestors during their demonstration were holding placards with slogans like “we want safe Basant”.

Muhammad Umar Shafqat while conversing with a local newspaper said that the people of Lahore would show complete cooperation with the government and police for ensuring the safe conduct of the event and would indicate towards the ones who use chemical-coated strings for kite-flying.

He added that it is sad to see that such an amazing festival has almost died now. This event was such where families used to reunite an arrange bonfires, family gatherings, cook food and have fun on rooftops.

Shafqat went further by adding that the government is promoting hate feelings among the youth. As the youth used to spend their time on such events with their families, but now they find fun in activities like wheeling, snooker clubs, drugs and sheesha cafes.

One senior protestor said that the event should be planned and organized wisely by the government and people should be permitted to mark the beginning of the spring season with this event.

He concluded by saying that no Basant then no votes too for the ruling party.

The protestors informed that last time back in 2006 Basant was celebrated and the government made rupees five billion on the occasion.

They added that the revenues would increase if the festival of Basant is celebrated with proper safety measures this year.

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