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Banks will start Receiving Hajj Applications from Today


People who wish to perform Hajj this year can apply now. All the designated bank branches are receiving Hajj applications from today i.e. Tuesday.

Banks will receive applications till 6th March, as per a Ministry spokesperson. Also, he said that banks will receive forms on Saturday and Sunday.

As per the spokesman, the Hajj application is computerized and simplified. Earlier, on Feb 21st the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony restrained banks from receiving Hajj forms from Feb 24 till further directives were given in this regard.

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The ministry issued directives to all the designated bank branches to not receive any applications until further directives are issued. Adding, that a new final date would be given for application submission.

According to the spokesperson, all arrangements were finalized but designated banks were barred from receiving the applications due to a technical issue. He said that soon a new date will be announced.

The policy for Hajj pilgrims under the government scheme was announced by the ministry for those who are traveling with infants born after September 5th, 2018.

The travel charges for infants has doubled during the last three years. As per the ministry parents will be charged 10% of the overall travel fares if they are traveling with infants.

Under the government scheme, the Hajj charges for infants born after 5th September 2018 will be Rs31,882 and Rs32,657 for each infant for north and south regions respectively.

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In an earlier article, we informed our readers that after a reduction of up to Rs.34,000 the new Hajj package would cost Rs.455,695 for the Southern region and Rs.463,465 for the northern region.

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