Banks will remain close on January 1st 2018

A statement has been issued by SBP confirming that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and all banks, Development Finance Institutions (DFI), and Microfinance Banks (MBFs) will observe a public holiday on January 1st, 2018. So on upcoming Monday, all banks in Pakistan will remain closed for any kind of public dealings.

The bank employees will attend offices as usual but there will be no public transactions or business.

January Ist, 2018 is a holiday worldwide, celebrating the start of New Year. In Pakistan New Year’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm, excitement, and festivities but it is not a public holiday in the country. As Pakistan is an Islamic country, Islamic Calendar is followed, therefore there is a different date for New Year’s Day in Islamic Calendar. Despite this, New Year parties, concerts, shows, events, and celebrations are done in Pakistan on January 1st, every year.

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New Year Resolutions are decided and gifts are exchanged, along with the arrangement of New Year dinners and musical concerts for both government and nongovernment organizations.

While the whole nation celebrates the start of the New Year without any holiday, banks remain closed, but that too not for the employees, but just for public dealings. So all the public, private educational and business organizations can celebrate the start of New Year, party and celebrate after coming back from daily work life.

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