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Bangladesh Stops Issuing Visas to Pakistanis

issuing visas to Pakistanis

On Monday the Bangladeshi High Commission stopped issuing visas to Pakistanis for all categories.

According to the details, since last Monday the visa section has been closed owing to a delay in the renewal of the visa of a Bangladeshi diplomat—Iqbal Hussain in Islamabad.

Hussain submitted his application for visa renewal to Pakistan’s Home Ministry in January.

It is believed that Pakistan has delayed the visa renewal after Bangladesh denied accepting the nomination of the new high commissioner of Pakistan to Bangladesh for more than a year.

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As per the reports of a Bangladeshi local newspaper—The Daily Star, the foreign ministry of Pakistan sent the suggested nomination of its recommended ambassador—Saqlain Syedah to Bangladesh in the month of March last year. Bangladesh has still not given any response to the appointment.

Back in the month of October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan suggested to Prime Minister Imran Khan that since diplomacy is a two-way business, and Pakistani mission in Dhaka is being operated by a consular level officer, hence it was suggested that the Bangladeshi mission should also be downgraded in Islamabad.

Diplomatic negotiations are still on hold between the two nations since some years over Dhaka accusing Pakistani High Commission of being involved in financing the terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

For the past 4 years, there have been no foreign secretary-level talks between the two countries.

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