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Bangladesh Shuts Down Mobile Internet for Handling Teen Protests

handling teen protests

The Bangladesh authorities have shut down the mobile internet for handling teen protests throughout the country, as informed by the local media and officials on Sunday. This act was done to control the massive student protests that have risen into violence.

The students for the last week have been protesting in the capital city of Bangladesh—Dhaka. The capital city has been affected owing to the protest. The protest is against the poor road safety following the incident in which two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus.

The protests took a rash turn on Saturday in the Jigatala neighbourhood of Dhaka where more than hundred people were injured.

As per the witnesses, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the protestors and the supposed pro-government activists confronted the youngsters, which included some of those who were rushing towards the nearby hospitals for getting medical aid.

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Prothom Alo—the Bangladesh’s highest circulated newspaper said that 3G and 4G internet services have been shut down for twenty-four hours since last Saturday, a little after the violence started.

Social media has been flooded with comments from the Bangladeshi citizens unable to access the internet via their mobile phones. The wireless and wired networks are not affected by the incident.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) chairman—Jahirul Haq said that they got the verdict from the government, however, he did not provide any detail that what was the government’s order. He added that he would comment on the matter further on Sunday.

A senior official of the BRTC on the condition of anonymity said that the internet has been slowed down on the orders of the government.

The decision might be an attempt to control and restrict the students from spreading or mobilising the growing outrage regarding how the government has tackled the protests.

Photos and images of the attacks on students by the governing party activists are spreading on the social media, instigating new anger.

Police have denied firing rubber bullets or using tear gas at the protestors. However, as per the hospital staff, dozens of people have been injured.

Many powerful ministers have requested the students to go back to their classes as the unique teen protests could turn into an extended anti-government protest before elections which are due later this year.

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