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Banana Production in Sindh Affected by Water Scarcity

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The shortage of water for irrigation has hit on the banana production in the province of Sindh, which makes 85 per cent of this crop in the country.

As per the Sindh Agricultural Department’s approximates, the total production of banana in the province of Sindh is of more than one and a half dozen varieties and in 2017 more than 127,000 tons of bananas were produced.

But, the crop yield was much lower in 2018 and the agriculture officials are still to gather and compile the figures for this year. The farmers are selling the crop at an average rate of nearly Rs500 per maund while the bananas in the fruit markets are being fetched in mid the range of Rs30 and Rs60 per dozen, solely depending on the quality of the fruit. Some progressive farmers who were fortunate enough to irrigate their crops with enough water have received up to Rs800 per maund.

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Bananas are mostly grown in Tando Allahyar, Khairpur, Badin, Hyderabad and Nawabshah.

The crop has been supplied continuously to the market though, but there is a general downslide to the supply.

Prof Ismail Kumbhar—Sindh Agriculture University said that bananas are the delta crop like sugarcane which is water intensive. He added that in 2018 the crop was severely affected by the water scarcity.

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