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Ban on Smoking at All Govt Schools of Punjab

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Punjab government has placed a complete ban on smoking in all the government schools of the province.

The decision was taken during a conference of the education officials of the Rawalpindi district. The conference was led by the provincial minister for school education—Murad Raas on Monday.

A circular has also been issued in this matter to all the headmasters of the school and other heads of the educational institutions in Punjab.

As per the circular, a complete ban on smoking would-be put-on students while teachers and the non-teaching staff would also be barred from smoking in the classrooms, staff rooms, and offices during the school hours.

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It further mentioned that a departmental action would be taken against the violators.

In spite of the steps that have been taken in the past few years, the sale of cigarettes to minors and near educational institutions has remained a constant source of worry in the country, as per a study conducted by the Coalition for Tobacco Control—Pakistan in 2017.

The study found that Punjab leads the other 3 provinces for storing and selling cigarettes in the immediate areas close to the educational institutions and to the minors by 43.8 percent and 50 percent respectively.

Baluchistan ranked on number second spot with 25 percent and 20 percent in selling cigarettes at the sites near educational institutions and to the minors respectively.

While Sindh was placed third with the percentages of 18.8 and 20. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa came last as per the study, it has a percentage of 12.5 of selling cigarettes near educational institutes and 10 percent of selling it to the minors.

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