Ban on Refreshments in Official Meetings – Pak Govt

A ban has been placed on refreshments in the official meetings. The federal government has put a ban on the refreshments and it will be implemented from February 2019.

The aim of this decision is to decrease government expenditure further. Office memorandum has been sent by the Finance Ministry to all the ministries and divisions regarding the ban on refreshments in official meetings.

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From February 1st, there will be a complete ban on refreshments, according to official sources. Furthermore the funds of ministries allocated to the entertainment allowances have also been taken back. From next month no money will be given in shape of entertainment allowances to the ministries.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has directed the ministries to control their present expenditures. Also the secretary finance has given briefing to the cabinet.

Basically entertainment allowance is an allowance given to every ministry which is used to serve tea, water, sandwiches to the participants in the meeting. This entertainment allowance has been cut. Also, the finance ministry issued office memorandum on 3rd, December 2018 to reduce the present expenditures by 10%. A four-member committee was also formed to give suggestions on the matter.

Finance Ministry banned the purchase of vehicles for the present and development expenditure in the office memorandum. This excludes the operational vehicles of law enforcement agencies. These vehicles will require a no objection certificate (NOC) from finance division.

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