Ban on Plastic Bags in Islamabad from August 14

plastic bags

Zartaj Gul—the State Minister for Climate Change on Monday made the announcement that plastic bags would be banned in Islamabad from August 14.

While addressing a ceremony in Islamabad she said that plastic bags would be banned in the capital city from the 14th of August.

She added that PM Imran Khan is a man of vision, and is focusing on climate change, which is affecting Pakistan.

Pakistan is on the 7th rank in the list of nations affected owing to natural disasters.

Earlier in the month of May, the Minister of State for Climate Change had informed National Assembly that the government would be placing a ban on the use of plastic bags by the 14th of August.

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While responding to a question in the National Assembly, the minister said that she had asked the public to use cotton bags as an alternate option to plastic bags.

Gul said that a statutory order—SRO under the Pakistan Environment Protection Act 1997 was being formed for giving a legal cover to the suggested ban.

She further said that 5,000 cotton bags had been distributed among the federal government employees and more are being gathered for distribution in the weekly Bazars and other markets free of cost.

The minister said that her ministry distributed the cotton bags among the journalists and parliamentarians as an alternate option to plastic bags.

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