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Ban on Onion Exports Until May 30

ban on onions exports

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has placed a ban on the exports of onions until the 30th of May 2020.

Keeping in consideration the summary of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the committee, which met under the chair of Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, the adviser to the PM on Finance and Revenue gave approval to the imposition of the ban on the exports of onions for 3 months and 10 days.

The ministry had given the summary in a meeting on the guidelines of the PM’s office.

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According to the available documents with this scribe, Punjab asked the PM office for the ban imposition on onions and red chillies export last week as they were afraid of a surge in the prices of these commodities owing to a possible shortage.

In the meantime, the Economic Coordination Committee has given approval to a technical supplementary grant of Rs.451.681 million for the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Scheme and Rs.110 million in favour of the planning ministry for Afghan projects.

In the summary of the commerce ministry, the ECC permitted the import of the controlled chemicals via commercial importers. These chemicals include acetone, ethyl ether, anthracitic acid, sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

In another summary of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, ECC permitted the public sector procurement of 82.5 million tonnes of wheat at Rs.1,365 for the upcoming season. If need be, 0.5 million tonnes would be imported throughout the year for catering to any shortages.

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