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Ban on Go-Kart Service at Karachi Beaches

Go-Kart service has been banned on Karachi beaches. A child was killed at Sea View, following this incident, the authorities have banned Go-Kart service on Karachi beaches.

Go-Kart hit a 10-year old boy and he died. Thus, the service was banned in the city. The driver after this incident fled the scene but the police are investigating the incident. A contractor and many other people are being investigated.

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Also, the SP Clifton Sohai Aziz has banned Go-Kart usage at Sea View after sunset. Also, it was revealed by Aziz that police is investigating into the matter and collecting details regarding the fitness and registration of the vehicles.

Furthermore, she said that they will try and get an agreement between Cantonment Board Clifton and Go-kart that only those drivers should be allowed to drive the vehicles who hold licenses.

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Steps like these must be taken for the safety and security of the people. People visit beaches and other tourist places to enjoy, relax. Such incidents can stop people from going out. Every life is important and so every life must be safeguarded by taking necessary steps.