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Ban on Fried Food Items Outside Schools in Punjab

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Ban has been imposed on all the fried items sold out of the schools in Punjab by the (DAE) District Education Authority. In this regard, letters have been sent to all the educational institutions in all the districts of Punjab.

As per the letter items like samosa, fried potato chips, pakoras and all the other fried items which are cooked in sub-standard oil that are harmful to children’s health have been imposed with a ban.

This decision has been appreciated by a woman by all. One woman while commenting on the DAE’s decision said that there is no one to keep a check and balance on such food items sold outside the schools or in the canteens. She further argued by giving the example of her own 6-year-old daughter who on and off gets sick. Her daughter had a stomach-ache once after eating something from the school after which she ended up getting admitted in the hospital for almost 3 days.

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The lady complained about the headmistress regarding this issue but the headmistress didn’t care enough to resolve this issue. She further said that check and balance should also be kept on the people selling edible items outside the school gate.

There is another parent raising this issue, Muhammad Anwar Ullah Khan who is the father of 2 says that his kids are studying in a school situated in Lahore. And he too comes up with the same issue that there is no check and balance on the food items sold in and outside the school.

CEO DAE Pervez Akhtar after hearing these complains claims that such fried items are cooked in sub-standard oil and are harmful to children’s health and further claimed to keep a check and balance on these food items from now onwards.

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