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Ban on CNG School Vans in Islamabad

CNG school vans

The district administration authority of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has imposed a total ban on CNG school vans in the city.

The ban imposed is an indication of an efficient drive, that bars the installation of the compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders under the seats of school vans.

As per a notification issued by the ICT administration on Friday, it has been noted that during the field checking that the CNG cylinders that were installed under the seats in most of the school vans, has placed the lives of many students in a complete risk. This placement of cylinders is not just dangerous but is also unlawful under section 199/122 of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965.

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A special team has been formed which is working under the supervision of Islamabad Traffic Police SSP, for taking on time action against the ones who have installed the CNG cylinders under seats.

In the meantime, a number of parents while telling about their concern said that the installation of CNG cylinders in school vans or even in public buses is equal to carrying a bomb which could explode any time.

The incident of gas cylinder explosions in school vans and public transportation vehicles have been reported several times, however, the government has so far not taken any action or whatsoever in this regard.

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