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Ban on Carrying Smartphones in Punjab Police Stations

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Arif Nawaz—the Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab has placed a bar on carrying smartphones within the premises of police stations across the province of Punjab.

In accordance with the issued directives of the IGP, the CCPO has released a notification to all the police stations across Punjab regarding this matter.

As per the issued notification, even the staff members of the police stations would follow the same restriction.

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The staff members and the complainants would have to submit their smartphones at the front desk before they enter into the police stations. But, the SHO and Moharar would be exempted from this restriction.

The citizens have criticized the decision of the Punjab IGP, adding that it was targeted at covering up their misdeeds and the discriminatory conduct of the police with the commoners in the police station.

In recent days, the Punjab police have made a bad reputation for a number of events of torture that has led to even deaths of the masses.

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