Ban Might be Imposed on Disclosing Baby’s Gender During Pregnancy

disclosing baby’s gender

Dr Yasmin Rashid—the Punjab Health Minister said that a bill about the implementation of a ban on disclosing baby’s gender during pregnancy,would be presented in the assembly soon.

Dr Rashid was addressing a seminar on “Ending Gender-Based Violence”, conducted under the government of Punjab, in collaboration of UNWOMEN.

She said that she regrets that some people manage to learn about the sex of the baby during pregnancy and if the baby is not boy then they plan to go for abortion over normal delivery.

The minister said that remember that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had disliked this act. Islam believes on imparting equal rights to women. She urged that the Islamic teachings be imposed practically.

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She applauded the work of Imran Khan and appreciated his efforts in the making of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, which is an ultimate proof of his love for his deceased mother.

Dr Yasmin Rashid said that no society could move ahead without empowering their women. She sadly said that the women even in developed countries like United States of America were not secure.

She added that Pakistan lies on number 6th position in the list of nations where the gender-based violation was a common thing.

She concluded that time has come for pushing Pakistan in a new direction by giving complete empowerment to the women of the country.

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