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Ban Indian Movies Demands Pakistan Film Producers Association

ban Indian movies

Indian films for sure gives an economic boost to the cinema industry, the Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) has asked to ban Indian movies in Pakistan.

In spite of the ban on Bollywood films, Pakistanis have seen the films for many reasons-either on Eid or because of the content of film which the censor board did not refrain when it came to deny it from screening.

Chaudhry Ejaz Kamran—the senior representative of PFPA, told an English newspaper that if the Indian stakeholders and organizations could take a stand and do everything for the betterment of their industry then why could not the Pakistani stakeholders. He said that India has banned both our films and artists in the past so why cannot Pakistan do the same.

PFPA proceeded in drafting a letter to the Prime Minister—Imran Khan, asking him for taking the needed steps and taking a decision on the matter.

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The association is of the belief that for the sake of the local film industry, the government should impose the aforementioned ban. If this is not done, the local cinema owners would continue to give preference to the Bollywood films over the local ones.

Kamran said that they have struggled for the welfare of the local film industry and that is why they made the decision to contact Imran Khan. He added that they are hopeful that he would listen to them and would be imposing the ban.

It is relevant to mention that Pakistan has got two groups of people, when it comes to audiences. While there are many in favour of local films, there is the other group that prefers Indian ones.

The other group of audiences include the stakeholders of digital cinema within Pakistan and as per them a ban on the Indian movie would disturb their business and would also be discouraging investors, hence leading to a reduction in revenue. Therefore, they do not agree with the idea of ban and oppose PFPA’s idea.

Additionally, Kamran also informed that they have given two options to the authorities to select from—one option is to impose the ban completely on Indian films and the other one is to make serious efforts in prioritizing the local content. Increased proportions of local films alongside more screen time and shows within cinema halls is also demanded.

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