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Ban On Indian Dramas And TV Programs Is Lifted By Lahore High Court

The ban imposed on Indian dramas and TV programs by Pemra has been lifted by Lahore High Court on Tuesday. This order was passed by Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah after he heard both parties.

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Advocate Asma Jahangir, the counsel of petitioner M/s Leo Communication appeared before the court and said that Indian movies are no banned but the dramas are. The argument given by counsel of PEMRA was that the ban has been imposed on Indian dramas and tv shows because Pakistani content is banned in India. On this point judge said that if any Indian content is immoral or against Pakistan, it can be censored.
PEMRA’s counsel was asked to present of any notification relating to airing Pakistani content in India. Another question asked was that if any unethical content was shown in Indian dramas why PEMRA has not mentioned it in response to the question. The judge believed that we live in a global village and PEMRA should review its policies. Therefore the petition was disposed of by the court and it was permitted to display Indian content in Pakistan.

The federal government had no issues with the ban being lifted. In February ban was lifted related on Indian films but permission not given on TV plays and shows. PEMRA was also asked that if the federal government has no issues for airing Indian content, what objection do they hold.

Justice Shah remarked that the court should be informed if the Indian government had issued a notification to ban Pakistani content and maintained that PEMRA must review its policies.

Asma Jahangir advocated by arguing that license was issued by PEMRA to the company for 15 years to exhibit a channel by the name Filmazia. The channel was allowed to display foreign content including that of India 10%. Now PEMRA banned all Indian content without giving any notice beforehand. The ban damaged the company financially. So Asma requested the court to lift it, which it did.

We can’t judge the Judge himself but a patriotic heart cries at this decision. No matter how much the world has changed, the formula is simple if Pakistani content is not shown in India why on Earth do we need to show their content on our channels? Honestly, our public is better off without the “Saas-Bahu” overly dramatic serials.