Baluchistan University Imposes Uniform on the Students

balochistan university

The Baluchistan University has made it a must for the students to wear uniforms on campus as the university is experiencing a host of harassment accusations against its administration and staff.

It would be a must for the bachelor’s and master’s students to wear uniforms. Male students would be asked to wear a white shirt, black pants and a tie with the logo of the university while the female students would be required to wear a grey kameez and a white shalwar and dupatta.

As per the notification issued by the registrar of the university the uniform could be bought from Mothercare situated on the Jinnah Road, Quetta.

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The uniform would be implemented on the 1st of March 2020, after which no student would be permitted to enter the university without it, as per the issued notification.

The chief justice of the High Court of Baluchistan had directed the administration of the university for making the uniforms compulsory for the students.

The university has been getting extensive criticism after the students claimed that the CCTV footage was being used by the varsity administration for harassing and blackmailing the students.

Some members of top academic staff even indicated that secret cameras were placed inside the keyboards and switchboards for monitoring the activities of the students.

Many female students have claimed that the administration was making use of their videos for blackmailing them and in turn asking from sexual favors.

Professor Dr. Javed Iqbal—the ex-vice chancellor of the university, has even resigned from his post until the inquiry completes in the case by the Federal Investigation Agency—FIA.

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