Baluchistan to Construct Tourist Resorts Along Coast

tourist resorts

The government of Baluchistan has got the plans of constructing 5 tourist resorts along with the coastal areas for looking after the need of the local and foreign tourists visiting the area for witnessing the beautiful coastal lines.

The government has given Rs.150million for revising the master plan of the coastal areas of Baluchistan and to build the tourists spots in Ormara, Kund Malir, Jioni, Kalmat and Gadani, as per official sources.

For unlocking the potential of fisheries and tourism sectors of Baluchistan, the government has taken the decision to develop its coastal areas for facilitating the tourists and the local fisheries, as per sources.

They also informed that a Fishermen Cooperative Society would also be set up for ensuring the welfare of fishermen.

Under the Prime Minister Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme the fishermen would also be provided shelter.

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The sources also indicated that the government was trying to give the basic facilities to the people of Baluchistan. A complete plan was being devised to provide them with the facilities of education, sound, infrastructure support system, health and clean drinking water.

The also informed that the plan of buying sea ambulances and the installation of monitoring system in boats had also been prepared for the effective tracking of fishermen at sea. The total approximated cost of the project was Rs.426 million.

The government of Baluchistan had allotted Rs.1,476billion for the development and rehauling of the Fisheries department for generating more profit, as per sources. The provincial government has also issued a grant of Rs.739 for the yearly expenses of the department.

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