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Baluchistan Might Get its Rescue 1122 Services

rescue 1122 services

The province of Balochistan might get its rescue 1122 services soon.

As per the reports of local media, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Governor Punjab met the chief minister of Baluchistan Jam Kamal at the governor house this Monday.

The two of them briefed each other regarding the initiatives and developing projects that are being carried out by the provincial government in order to upgrade the living standards of the people.

 The main topic of discussion in the meeting was to start the rescue 1122 service in the province.

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Jam Kamal guaranteed that the professionals inducted for the service of 1122 will be given proper training from the Scottish city of Glasgow.

The matter of mutual interest and promotion of inter-provincial harmony were part of the discussion in the meeting held between the governor of Punjab and the chief minister of Baluchistan.

Both of them condemned the unprovoked firing noticed by the Indian army at the line of control. Also, they showed their solidarity with the people living in Kashmir.

On the other hand, a significant surge has been witnessed in the tourist traffic over the span of the last 5 years.

As per reports, the increase is by 317 percent, and the province of Punjab has contributed 95percent to this accomplishment.

The tourism industry is one such industry of Pakistan that has got immense potential for growth. With little efforts, the count of both local and foreign tourists could be increased further.

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