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Balochistan Offers Global Elites to Invest in Gwadar

Balochistan civil and military leaders have given an offer to the foreign global elites to invest in Gwadar and the mining sector of the province. They believe that the province has a lot of potential, resources and if utilized properly it can bring prosperity in the region.

The future of the economic prospects in Balochistan were highlighted by the Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and Quetta Corps Commander Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa at traditional Pakistan dinner arranged by the Pathfinder Group.

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Lt Gen Bajwa said, “With the improvement in geo-politics situation, the focus is shifting towards geo-economics. Gwadar is going to be connected through Afghanistan and Central Asia to Russia. We see other regional ports as complementary ports to Gwadar.”

The event was of utmost importance as it gave an opportunity to Balochistan leaders to tell the world about the potential in the province and the developmental projects going on in the province for the last 2 to 3 years.

According to the corps commander the province provides some amazing opportunities to all the investors. And even though the province has been victim of terrorism and insurgencies, things are improving.

The corps commander said,  “The incidence of terrorism in Balochistan has drastically reduced. The so-called insurgency has already died down and there are only few incidents that happened last year.”

Mentioning CPEC has said, “Start of CPEC  in Balochistan has created huge economic opportunities through connectivity.”

Adding, “Saudi Arabia has shown interest to invest $10 billion. The jewel of the crown is Gwadar, which is offering huge opportunity to cut time and cost of logistics for international trade in this region.  The potential of Balochistan is in mines and minerals and oil and gas.”