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Balochistan Investment Board decides to Expand Offices to Gawadar and Karachi


On Monday, BBoIT (Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade) announced that they have decided to expand their offices to Gawadar and Karachi in order to inspire local and foreign investors so that they can benefit from business-friendly policies offered by the Balochistan government.

According to the details, the Balochistan government official stated that all the investors will be provided with up-to-date information regarding business opportunities in different sectors of Balochistan with the establishment of a one-window facilitation center in the area.

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As per the government official, the investment and trade offices will also provide the investors with security, visa issues, registration, and NOC (No Objection Certificates).

The government is basically planning on facilitating assistance to industrialists in order to promote business all over Balochistan. This way employment opportunities will also enhance for the youth.

The Balochistan government official also said that economic development has always been the top priority of the government for which the officials are ensuring a business-friendly environment.

The government of Balochistan also announced the creation of the Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company which aims at fast-tracking minerals’ exploration activities in Balochistan. This company will help in developing mineral resources in the province in order to encourage investors’ confidence and to surge investment in the sector.  

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