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Balochistan Highways to Have 18 Medical Centres

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A meeting of the cabinet of Balochistan has given approval for the setting up of 18 Medical centres (MERCs) along the highways in the province on an immediate basis.

The meeting was led by the CM Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, as was told that 7 MERCs had already been established at the various places and 18 others would soon be set up considering the growing traffic accidents on the various highways.

As per official sources, the complete project would cost the government of Balochistna nearly Rs.4 billion and it would reach completion in 2 years. The cabinet also gave approval to the funds for the project.

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While speaking on the occasion, the CM said that his government would make sure that top quality medical facilities for the general public are provided throughout the province.

The cabinet also gave permit to the government doctors to operate their private practice in the OPDs of the government managed hospitals.

Doctors would be paid 60 per cent of the income of their private practices while the remaining would be used by the provincial government for the development of the various sections of the government hospitals.

The cabinet has also given approval to allocate Rs.200 million for the making of the first cancer hospital in Quetta for which the land has already been allotted.

The CM asked the authorities to speed up the work on the cancer hospital project.

The cabinet has also approved funds for the installation of modern machinery and equipment in the Trauma Centres, Mufti Mehmood Hospital, Kuchlak and the Children Hospital.

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