Balochistan Government to make Chinese Language Compulsory in Schools upto Matric level

CPEC has brought positive changes, growth, and development specifically in Balochistan province. Now in light of the development projects ongoing in Balochistan under CPEC, the Balochistan government is considering to make the Chinese language compulsory in schools up to the Matric level. 

Additional Secretary of the provincial education department Salahuddin Noor said, “The Chief Minister has directed to launch the programme in Gwadar’s educational institutes in the first phase which will be extended across the province later.’

He said that the Chinese government will fund the Chinese language education programme in Balochistan and those teachers will be hired who know Chinese, Urdu and Balochi languages.

He said, “The Chinese language will be made a compulsory subject at matric level in the province and within one year’s period the province’s entire schools up to matriculation classes will be teaching standard Mandarin.”

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Mr. Salahuddin Noor was of the view that the strong economic ties with China have made it important for Pakistani students to learn Chinese and further strengthen these relations. Learning the Chinese language will allow Balochi youth to gain knowledge of the language and use it to avail opportunities under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Also, it might help them in their future endeavors.

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