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Balochistan Banned Hunting Across the Province

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been banned by the Balochistan cabinet from granting hunting permits to the Arab citizens and other people for the political reasons and have implemented an immediate and applicable ban on hunting in all the parts of the province.

Under the Wildlife Act of 2014, this decision was taken on Friday by the Balochistan cabinet and few other related laws were also passed to protect and preserve the wildlife.

The cabinet decision informed that under the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment the provincial government has got the authority to grant licenses for hunting whereas the Foreign Ministry has been prohibited.

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The official announcement added that the deputy commissioners are made responsible for imposing the ban and the ban is to be applied throughout the province on hunting.

The official release further mentioned that the officials made responsible relating the conservation and preservation of the wildlife in Balochistan would be taking care of all the complaints launched by the residents against illegal and random hunting.

The cabinet also considered the complaints of the government against the deal with the PPL (Pakistan Petroleum Limited) and decided to make a sub-committee for reviewing the uncertainties.

The announcement yielded that if need be the committee including the Director General—Ministry of Petroleum and MD-PPL would meet with the Prime Minister for addressing the reservations.

The cabinet also reviewed the advancement on the Public-Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2017-2018 and affirmed for some unavoidable alterations in few development plans relating to the provision of clean drinking water to school children and the construction of bathrooms in the schools.

For reviewing the development schemes, it was decided to separately review the meetings under the chairmanship of the chief minister.

Balochistan Inspector General Police (IGP) was instructed to make a solid security plan for schools. The chief minister also told the officials to take steps in completing the legislation and laws and told them to present their drafted bills for approval before the provincial cabinet.

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