Bahria University Karachi Campus Directs Students to Maintain 6-inch Distance

The Karachi Campus of Bahria University came under fire on social media for directing its male and female students to keep a distance of six inches in between while sitting or standing or interacting with each other.

As per the media reports, a notification was issued by the Director Karachi campus of Bahria University asking the students to strictly abide by the dress code.

The university instructed the students of opposite gender to maintain a distance as touching of males and females is prohibited in our religion as well as our culture.

The notification reads that all the students are asked to strictly follow by the dress code while within the premises of university. Disciplinary actions would be taken against the ones who would violate the rules.

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The notification added that the male and female students are to keep a good distance of six inches while making any kind of interaction with each other and even while sitting.

The educational institution has warned the students that heavy fines would be imposed on them in case they break the rules.

All head of departments and the security staff members are instructed to make sure that the newly set rules are implemented properly.

Bahria University have earlier been criticised too for defining its dress code for women in which wearing sleeveless outfits and tights was forbidden. Dupatta and scarf have been mentioned as compulsory items with all the dresses as per the varsity’s website.

As per the website students have to pay a fine of rupees five thousand in case of non-compliance and if the rule is broken again then they would be barred from their attendance.

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