Bahria University Again Defined Dress Code and Students Are Not Liking It at All

Bahria University

The Bahria University campus in Islamabad has defined a proper dressing code and has announced heavy fines on the ones who do not abide it.

A notification has been issued recently which informs that all the female students are strictly barred from wearing jeans, short shirts, tights and trousers within the university premises and they could just wear shalwar, long shirt with a dupatta.

The notification warned that girls should strictly be following the dress code from the 14th of January that was Monday and any girl seen violating the defined dress code would be charged a fine of Rs5,000.

The notification mentions that the decision of enforcing a proper dress code was taken owing to many unethical observations and with the full agreement of parents and faculty members.

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The notification reads that it is better to be safe than regret later. It also mentions that the students must show somewhat of compliance with the law or follow a through proper channel against it.

Cigarettes, tobacco and any other drugs have also been barred within campus on the students. All the boys would be thoroughly checked while entering the university and if any such stuff would be found with them then they would be charged Rs5,000.

The decision for sure has irked the university students as they are not liking the newly enforced law.

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