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Bahria Town Sold Land it did not possess – Supreme Court

Bahria Town sold plots it did not possess as revealed in the record of sales of those lands by an authorized dealer of the housing estate. The Supreme Court was surprised by this revelation that Bahria Town possess lands that it either does not own or had given up to the Malir Development Authority (MDA).

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed got the reply by the Prism Marketing that disclosed the plots being sold in areas that were not owned by the business tycoon Malik Riaz or in the areas that were given up by Bahria Town.

The court had earlier given order to the Prism Marketing, Cosmos and Tri-Star, to provide the day from the day Malir Project in Karachi started, the plots sold, booking made and the amount transacted. Prism Marketing is basically the authorized dealers that can sell plots on Bahria Town’s behalf.

The May 4th, 2018 judgement, stating that Sindh government granting land to the MDA, exchange of land with Bahria Town any anything done by the provincial government under the provisions of the Colonisation of Government Land Act-1912 is illegal. The bench took up the implementation of that judgement.

Instead of launching an incremental housing scheme, MDA exchanged the land with Bahria Town that launched its own scheme. Now presently Bahria Town possesses 16,896 acres of land in Malir district and it has given up 7,675 acres to the MDA.

Justice Faisal Arab, a member of the bench, asked senior counsel Sardar Mohammad Aslam regarding this whole issue of Bahria Town selling plots in areas it had surrendered to MDA.

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Justice Saeed said, “Either Sardar Aslam is wrong or the Bahria Town.”