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Bahria Town offers Rs485 billion in Exchange for complete Legal Immunity

Bahria Town has offered Rs485 billion to Supreme Court in exchange for complete legal immunity. The housing estate wants Supreme Court to end all inquiries against its directors and management and in return it will pay them Rs485 billion.

Supreme Court was submitted the proposal, which, if finalized would ensure that criminal and civil liabilities against Bahria Town “directors both past and present) shareholders, management of BTPL and/or its associated entities shall cease to exist,”

According to the proposal,  All “on-going inquiries, investigations by all agencies (NAB, FIA, FBR, Anti-corruption) in said matters is said to be ceased/waived/discharged.”

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The court asked in the proposal not to investigate against the management for “all times to come”.

It is pertinent to mention here that on 4th May 2018, the court ruled that Bahria Town was illegally granted land by the Malir Development Authority.

The land was allotted by Sindh government to MDA develop a housing estate. But MDA exchanged that land with Bahria Town.

Now Bahria Town was barred to sell or purchase any land, plot, apartment in the housing scheme. In order to resolve this issue, Bahria Town gave many proposals to the court which were all rejected.

Now the new offer by Bahria Town is that it will pay Rs485 billion for the land it acquired illegally.