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Bahria Town Karachi Inaugurates Pakistan’s First International Standard Zoo

Bahria Town Karachi has revealed DanZoo, which is Pakistan’s first international standard zoo, at a dazzling opening ceremony.

The COO Bahria Town Karachi—Admiral Hayat was the chief guest of the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by many significant people from the world of showbiz, media and sports, along with the top management of Bahria Town Karachi.

The ceremony began with the recitation of some verses from Holy Quran. Following it, the gathering was provided with a detailed presentation on the project.

Admiral Hayat in his address said that DanZoo is a new addition to Karachi’s tourist attractions. Bahria Town remains committed for redefining the community lifestyle and the concept of healthy entertainment in the country.

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Special arrangements were made by the Bahria Town management at the DanZoo for making the event a memorable one.

The opening of Pakistan’s first day and night zoo in the city of lights would provide the Karachiites a chance to enjoy even more the beautiful windy evenings of the coastal city.

DanZoo houses a range of animals of various breeds and birds including White lion, Bengal Tiger, African lion, Red Deer, Asiatic black bears, Leopard, Fallow deer, crocodiles, rhea, exotic range of ducks, Chital deer, Puma, Hog deer, emu, geese, Llama, Urial, Blackbucks and swans.

The birds included are peacocks, macaws, doves, parrots, sparrows, nightingales, etc.

The zoo is spread over an area of seventy acres and has got spacious enclosures that have been provided with names for zones and occupants related details.

The facility of golf cart is also available for the visitors for a tour around the zoo by the name of “Wild on Wheels”—Tour de DanZoo.

There is a big lake at the zoo with a boating club.

DanZoo is an international standard zoo for knowledge-based entertainment for the complete family.

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