Bahria Enclave Demolishes their Illegal Buildings on their Own

Bahria Enclave administration has demolished its illegal buildings on its own when the Capital Development Authority (CDA) reached Bahria Enclave with machinery to destroy the land by the housing society. Thezz CDA staff was unable to enter the main gate as Bahria Enclave authorities said that they will themselves remove the housing society.

In the adjoining society, CDA removed quite a number of illegal buildings. Then the police and the enforcement directorate officials went to the main gate of Bahria Enclave and saw that the housing society had removed illegal buildings. The main gate was removed partially and many shops were demolished.

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A CDA official said, “Almost 20 kanals adjoining to the gate have been retrieved. Upon expiry of the deadline, CDA and the ICT administration planned a comprehensive operation to retrieve the state land but before the operation was initiated Bahria Enclave administration started demolishing the illegal structures on its own.”

The Medical Care City building was destroyed and the entry gate was demolished 35%.  Also, the commercial buildings were being vacated so that they could be demolished. These commercial buildings included the Red Chilli Restaurant.

The Islamabad administration and the CDA decided to retrieve 510 Kanal and six marala of illegal land occupied by the Bahria Enclave. Different notices were issued to Bahria Enclave. Bahria Enclave in response to these notices sent a letter to CDA claiming that out of 51o Kanal of land 410 Kanal land was just lying vacant while the rest of the land was a public area. Bahria Enclave administration said that they are willing to pay for the 110 kanal land.

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