Bad Monday for Microsoft 365: Teams, Azure, and More Went Down

Microsoft 365 faced a massive outage on Monday afternoon, which affected several of its services for hours.

Microsoft Teams recently faced an outage on Monday afternoon. The company said that it’s working to recover from the outage while taking some Microsoft 365 services down.

Earlier, the team claimed that it’s taking longer to recover from the loss. However, Teams, Azure, and other Microsoft 365 services are now back online.

After recovering from the issue (at least what the company thought), the company rolled a tweet at 7:19 PM ET saying:

According to users, the issue started around 3:30 PM ET. Microsoft confirmed the issue and immediately started working on resolving it. It’s said that this is the first major Microsoft Teams outage since last September, where not only Teams went down, but other Microsoft 365 services also faced issues with Office 365 and Outlook.

Not only this, but Azure Active Directory Microsoft’s Xbox prepaid also faced several issues.

As of 8:18 PM ET, Microsoft released a list of the issues users may be facing and what it has already resolved:

  • Microsoft Teams: Users may notice message delivery delays and problems launching the desktop app.
  • Exchange Online: Users may notice general service degradation.
  • Intune: Users may notice general service degradation.
  • We’re working on confirming mitigation.
  • Microsoft Forms: We’re working on confirming mitigation.
  • Yammer: We’ve confirmed that the issue has been mitigated.
  • Admin portal: We’ve confirmed that the issue has been mitigated. Additionally, users may be unable to acquire, redeem, or retrieve a license for their Microsoft 365 applications via Office Licensing and other Office products.

According to stats, around 115 million people are on Microsoft Teams, communicating every day. The service has grown massively since the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to lockdown and social distancing, students and businesses have shifted to remote working and learning, which had helped the company grow so much. And this recent outage had affected so many during the past several hours, losing control over sending files, communicating with each other, and more.

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