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Back to Stone Age – 10 Non-Tech Activities for Kids


Lego is the most fun activity for children. Using small blocks to make new things is an exciting & adventurous journey. Just open the lego box and kids will forget all about tablets, tv & mobile phones for hours.


Can movies ever replace the pure magic found in book reading?

The reason reading is getting extinct is because parents have stopped reading to their kids before bedtime. Children don’t feel the need to read with the option of watching a movie available to them. We need to revive the concept of book reading.


Yes, we all know about LudoStar, CandyCrush, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans but hey have we forgotten the games we played when there was no concept of technology.

From Badshah wazir to cards, to ONO, scrabble, making mud houses, POLO, pithu garam, hide & seek there are so many games that do not require technology.

Let’s incorporate our history in our future before the history is forgotten.

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It is important that parents instead of giving kids tablets & phones, provide them with puzzles to solve. Activities that open the minds of young kids are important for their growth.


Your kid is asking for a cookie or a chocolate, don’t just give it to them. Ask them a riddle or make an interesting poem and tell them that the location of the chocolate is hidden in that riddle. It’s not just for enjoyment purpose, but the kid learns that if he wants something, he has to work for it. Nothing in this world comes for free.

A walk in the morning:

The most beautiful scene of the whole day is the sunset. But we don’t enjoy it because for us our bed is quite precious. I have seen kids naturally getting up early in the morning, as they are being trained of going to school. So what better than to walk with your kid and cherish the morning beauty, instead of lying in bed and giving your kid your smartphone to play a game.

Painting, Drawing:

It is important that we instill creativity in our kids. Provide them with colors & paints, tell them how to make stylish cards, pictures, scenery etc.

Do projects with your kids:

Parents should work with their kids on different exciting projects. They can be small scientific projects, kitchen making project, any geographical or mathematical project. It can be anything, what it will do is provide skills to their child and create a bonding between both the generations.

Water Activity:

Bring a bathtub. Fill it with water and put your kids in it. They will enjoy themselves for hours and you would have to work quite hard to get them out of it. But, remember this activity is just for Summers. We don’t want any kid getting ill.