Baby Shark Dance: First YouTube Video Hits 10 billion Views Mark


Yes, we are partly to blame. That is probably the thought that many parents will have when they see the following message. The children’s hit “Baby Shark Dance” was the first video ever to break the mark of no less than ten billion views. A little over ten years ago, media around the world reported on the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon: the song by South Korean artist Psy was the first video to reach the one billion hit mark.

Psy was able to defend its YouTube leadership for about five years, with around 2.9 billion views, it was replaced by Wiz Khalifa and his “Ballad See You Again”. A little later there was another change of leadership, namely in the direction of Luis Fonsi’s song “Despacito”.

Waterboarding, Electroshocks, Baby Shark Dance

For about two years, however, there has been no more debate about the number 1 on YouTube, because this is the title of the children’s song “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong. Those who don’t have children may not know the song, but parents know that the song is two minutes and 16 seconds of musical torture.

More than that, young children, who are the central target group of “Baby Shark Dance”, have a habit of wanting to hear it on repeat until parents become nervous bundles of nerves and begin to seriously doubt motherhood and fatherhood. This musical endless loop is also the reason why “Baby Shark Dance” has meanwhile left its competition far behind. Because the children’s song, from which the Korean YouTube channel Pinkfong made a children’s dance number with a colorful video, has had more than ten billion views for a few hours, Despacito is far behind with “only” 7.7 billion views. How much children’s content now dominates YouTube is also shown by the fact that number 3 is also in the hands of children, namely “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” by LooLoo Kids (6.1 billion views). There are currently six children’s content in the top 10 of the video portal.